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Our local water damage restoration professionals in Fredericksburg, VA, work with all insurance companies and adjusters.  If your home or business has suffered a  water damage, that requires an insurance claim call us today for guidance in filing an insurance claim. Typically, if the water damage cleanup and restoration costs more than your insurance claim, It would be beneficial for you too file a claim. We at Virginia Restoration Experts will help walk you through the process and our local water damage professional, can even file a claim for you. 

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The Certified Water Damage Restoration Professional will begin the process, moving any personal contents out of the water damaged area. Water extraction and water removal will be done using a variety of special restoration equipment. Carpet padding will need to be removed at a minimum. Carpet can usually be saved if the water damage is less than 48 hours old, depending on the type and age of the carpet.  Baseboards and drywall may need to bet cut out in some areas to reach any migrating water damage behind walls. Antimicrobials will be applied to prevent mold growth. Dehumidification and Industrial strength Air movement will need to be introduced, to quickly dry out the structure before mold growth can set in. It generally takes between 3-5 days, to properly dry out a water damaged property and the job process will be monitored and documented daily for your insurance company.

Water Damage Restoration Initial Assessment


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If your local Fredericksburg, VA home or business has suffered water damage. Time is critical. When building materials become wet, mold growth may start, in as little as 48hours. Building materials may need to be removed or replaced. When water damage happens too carpet. It quickly loses 80-85% of it's strength and may need to be replaced. When a flooded basement happens. Water quickly begins to saturate building materials. If water gets behind baseboards and under flooring. Mold growth will almost certainly happen. Professional water damage cleanup is required to, eliminate this threat. Virginia Restoration Experts in Fredericksburg, VA will work directly with you and your Insurance Company to quickly and efficiently restore you home or business.  We will remove all excess water, apply a preventative antimicrobial to the structure, document and photograph the process for your Insurance company and thoroughly, dry out the building.  If you have suffered a flooded basement or water damage. Don't wait! Call the water damage cleanup professionals at Virginia Restoration Experts Today!


10 Things to do while waiting for Help to arrive

Water Damage Information and Helpful Tips

With in 2 hours of your emergency service call. Our Local Fredericksburg, VA Water Damage Restoration Technician will asses the damage and quote your free estimate. The Certified water damage technician will help file your insurance claim and get authorization from you or your insurance company before, beginning the water damage restoration process. The Technician will determine the best course of action to remove water and dry out your property. Photo and written documentation will be completed for your insurance company.


Water Damage Category Types.

1.) Category 1: water from a clean source with no risk of sickness.  If odors are present, It's probably not a category 1 water damage. (examples: broken water supply lines, ice maker malfunction, and sink overflow.)

2.) Category 2: water that carries a significant degree of contamination (examples: water beds, fish tanks, washing machine overflow and dishwasher leaks.

3.) Category 3: water from a grossly unsanitary source, carrying disease causing bacteria. (examples: sewer and septic backups, flood waters, toilet overflows.)


Water Damage Class Types.

1.) Class 1: water damage or flood damage that involves only part of an area, or a large room that is only lightly affected. and involves little or no carpet. (example: a unfinished concrete floor.)

2.) Class 2: water damage affecting entire areas of carpet, water has wicked up the walls but less than 24".

3.) Class 3: water damage to entire areas of carpet and has wicked up the walls more than 24".(examples: flooded basements.)

4.) Class 4: water damage cleanup that, requires specialty drying procedures, (examples: Hardwood flooring, deeply saturated concrete.)

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1.) Shut off the source of the water damage or flood if possible.

2.) Do not enter  - Do not enter areas with sewage damage, mold damage  or sever deep flooding. There can be electrical current in the water and the dangers from sewage and mold are obvious.

3.) Protect your furniture - Place plastic bags or aluminum foil under wood and metal furniture legs, to protect  your carpets from "furniture bleeding" onto rugs.

4.) Shut off gas, electric and water if possible in large floods.

5.) Remove water damaged loose items, from the flooded area - move clothing, throw rugs and small loose items outside or put them in large plastic tubs.

6.) Move valuable papers or books into a freezer- Freezing paper items stops water damage and there are companies that specialize in restoring these items.

7.) Use a Shop Vac or towels - to remove as much standing water as possible.

8.) If its not raining outside - open windows to get air exchange into the area. Chances are the humidity level in your flooded basement are higher than outside.

9.) Call your insurance company to get the claim filing process started - If your not sure how to do that, wait for our local Fredericksburg, VA water damage professional to arrive.

10.) If you have a flooded basement or a water damaged room - make sure your doors have clear paths for, the water damage technicians to enter and exit.

Water Damage Restoration Process

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