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Call now to speak with a Certified Black Mold Professional  (540) 735-4681


We provide mold testing services to, the Fredericksburg, VA area. Our mold testing service includes "air sampling"  and "tape lift" or "swab with Speciation sampling."  each has their own benefits. and we supply Lab results with in 2-5 business days from a Certified microbiology lab.  If black mold is suspected or people are getting sick from suspected mold growth. We recommend a 3rd party Industrial Hygienist  preform the mold testing. Typical mold testing costs can range from $150.00 - $1,000, depending on the size of the areas being tested. Our advice is to contact a Certified Industrial Hygienist , if your testing quote is over $500 They are a 3rd party mold testing expert, that specializes in mold remediation protocols and mold clearance testing procedures. They are basically microbiologist.

Mold Testing

We will write you a mold remediation protocol or mold removal plan, following the EPA mold remediation guidelines and IICRC S-520 mold remediation guide. Our mold removal plans normally include setting up a proper mold containment barrier that is, completely sealed and under negative air pressure, to minimize mold spores in the air. Use of special mold remediation equipment is almost always necessary. HEPA Vacuums must be used in conjunction with Air Scrubbing or Negative air pressure. HVAC systems will be sealed off, to prevent any mold contamination of the system. Antimicrobials and Fungicides will be used to kill black mold and any mold colonies that may exist. Wet washing of structure and personal contents is usually standard, in contaminated areas. Mold encapsulation may also be necessary, if the contamination is deep into, the building materials. Building materials such as Drywall, insulation, baseboards and flooring may need to be removed and replaced.

Mold Remediation Plan or Protocol

Our Fredericksburg, VA mold inspection process begins with a visual inspection of the suspected areas. We also pay attention to any earthy or musty odors. We use special moisture reading instruments, to look for abnormal, wet, damp or water damaged conditions. Since you can not have mold without abnormal moisture intrusion, this is very important. Mold growth can occur behind walls, wallpaper and baseboards where it is impossible to see, with in 48-72 hours after water damage occurs. We have special equipment too look behind walls with a small camera if necessary. This requires small 1 inch holes being drilled in certain areas. If Stachybotrys Chartarum  AKA -"Toxic Black Mold" is confirmed, we will always advise you too contact an Industrial Hygienist for further testing and procedures.

Mold Inspection Service

Mold Remediation Service in Fredericksburg, VA

Virginia Restoration Experts provides mold remediation services in the Fredericksburg, VA area. Crawl Space mold removal, attic mold remediation and mold stain removal are our specialty. We at Virginia Restoration Experts in Fredericksburg VA are Certified and trained mold remediation professionals. Mold remediation is what we do and we do it well. We use the latest technology in our mold removal and toxic black mold remediation. Your safety during our mold remediation process is our main priority. We completely seal off the area and use Negative Air Pressure or Air Scrubbing methods, to remove floating mold spores in the area. We use organic and green solutions (upon request) at no extra charge. This makes it possible, to safely stay in your home or business during the mold remediation process. Not all mold remediation companies will provide this at no extra charge.  Our mold remediation and mold removal services in Fredericksburg, VA are competitively priced, using industry standard pricing software. Our Certified mold remediation professionals are committed to giving you fast, efficient and experienced mold remediation services at a fair price. Mold removal costs vary greatly depending on the level of mold contamination and water damage. We have serviced over 1,000 residential and commercial customers in the Fredericksburg, VA area. We provide free estimates (in most cases.)  So Call us today to discuss your mold removal service options.

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