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Virginia Restoration Experts in King George, Va understands the worry and fear, you will have, about mold, in your home, business, or vehicle. We will take the time and make the commitment that it takes to communicate, document, and remediate any mold infestation you might have. 


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Virginia Restoration Experts has been serving the King George, VA Dahlgren, VA and, Colonial Beach, Va area, for over a decade. Our highly trained mold remediation professionals are ready to assist you with any mold removal service that you require. From cars, trucks, and RV's to Homes and businesses.  Call us today for a free mold consultation 540-735-4681

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Virginia Restoration Experts has certified ,mold remediation professionals that specialize in toxic black mold inspections and mold testing. We use the latest equipment, tools, and detection devices that help us locate mold and moisture issues, in your King George, VA, Colonial Beach, VA and Dahlgren, VA home, business, or vehicle. We are a reputable mold remediation services company that understands how to locate hidden mold . If there are no signs of visible mold. Testing will probably be necessary. Expertise and experience are needed when the mold cleanup is a major contamination.  These type of tests include.

*  Air Sampling -  This mold testing method will require several samples of the indoor and outdoor environment.

*  Bulk Sampling -  This type of mold testing method is used to identify the type of mold, mildew, or fungus. It involves scraping or removal of a suspected moldy area, placing in a sealed bag, and sending to an independent lab for analysis.

*  Tape Lift, Swab, and Surface Sampling - This mold testing method is used to determine the type of mold, mildew, or fungus. It involves using a sterile swab, or by using a piece of tape, to "lift" the suspected mold from the contaminated area and place it on a sterile microscope slide. It is then sent to an independent lab for analysis.

​Mold Testing Costs in King George, VA, Dahlgren, VA, and Colonial Beach, VA, will vary depending on the type(s) of mold test and the size of the suspected area. In most instances, if the mold is visible, there is no need to pay for mold testing. However, there are exceptions to the rules. If it is a business, rental, or for medical reasons. The types of mold and contamination levels may be important for legal liability issues. 

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Mold Remediation Services

Mold Inspection

An inspection, or quote, involves an evaluation of the suspected mold in contaminated area(s). It will involve moisture content readings and Temperature / Relative humidity readings. A thorough visual inspection with cameras, if necessary. Photos, a written protocol, and a final breakdown of the cost, for a mold remediation, if needed.


Mold Remediation

Removal and disposal of contaminated building products. Proper containment barriers and containment practices. Proper PPE Practices, Cleaning and sanitizing the area(s) using specially designed HEPA vacuums. Scrubbing the air with Negative Air Machines or, Air Scrubbers and treating area(s) contaminated by mold, with an EPA registered fungicide / biocide through ULV fogging methods. Then an application of a mold-resistant coating or, sealer.

Mold Testing

There are several methods of mold testing that are used. The "air sampling" method, is the most common. There are also "tape lift" sampling methods and "Bulk sampling" methods. Each are very different and required in certain situations. The type of mold test depends on several things. The area, the weather, the location, etc. Typically, an "Air sampling" method requires several samples. in a home or business.

When there's leak in your window, floor, or sunroof. Mold and musty odors will certainly happen if not repaired quickly. We have seen many vehicles with mold and mildew, in the King George, VA, Colonial Beach, VA, or Dahlgren, VA area. We offer on site mold cleanup, removal, and decontamination for most circumstances. We also provide free mold inspection and quotes, for any car, truck, or RV. Our  mold remediation, of your vehicle, will use Eco-Friendly products so you family and pets will remain safe and healthy. Don't ride around with musty odors and poor air quality. Call Virginia Restoration Experts today at 540-735-4681 for your free mold inspection and cost of mold removal - quote.

Our approach to mold remediation, is based on years of experience, training, and knowledge we gathered, while working in the King George, VA, Dahlgren, VA and Colonial Beach, VA area.. Our first priority is the safety of your family, and. co-workers. Most mold remediation can be completed with Eco-friendly products, that are safe for people, plants, and animals.  ​This is our standard method for mold remediation when possible.

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We have an unwavering philosophy of treating your home, vehicle, or business, as our own.

  ​It is common for mold to live and thrive in crawlspaces. The climate in King George, VA and Colonial Beach, VA is perfect, for the growth of mold colonies. Typically it grows unchecked for long periods of time and is usually found when a home is listed on the market and an inspector discovers it when doing a home inspection. This is extremely common and it can be remediated and cleaned. Virginia Restoration Experts has over a decade of experience in this type of mold remediation. Crawlspace Mold Encapsulation services are our specialty. We offer a Eco-Friendly, "turn key" Mold Encapsulation, that will remediate the mold and keep your family and pets safe, during the remediation. We also offer Mold Inspections, Mold Testing, Black Mold Removal, and Mold and Mildew Cleanup. If you have mold in your King George, VA, Dahlgren, VA or, Colonial Beach crawlspace Call Virginia Restoration Experts Today for a Free Mold Consultation. 540-735-4681

The Crawlspace Mold Encapsulation process includes

​*  Setting up Air Scrubbers and sealing off the HVAC system (if needed), for saftey.

*  Remove and disposal, of all mold contaminated insulation, vapor barrier, and debris.

*  HEPA vacuuming of floor joists, subfloor, and foundation walls.

*  Thorough cleaning and wipe down using EPA registered and Eco-Friendly fungicides 

*  HEPA sanding on stubborn areas that are heavily stained by mold.

*  Application of EPA registered fungicides through ULV fogging methods.

*  Dry-out of wet building materials.

*  Application of Eco-Friendly mold resistant - antimicrobial sealants, on the floor joist system.

*  Re-insulating and sealing the cracks, and crevices up to code.

*  Installing a new puncture-resistant vapor barrier, up the walls, around support beams, taping all seams and sealing the    foundation perimeter.

*  Installation of a Crawlspace dehumidifier. (if needed)  These dehumidifiers are specifically designed for use in               Crawlspaces. They are self draining, permanently mounted, WiFi controlled, and operated by your smart phone.

* HVAC duct cleaning & sanitizing (if required)

​In most cases, by the time mold has been discovered in your King George, VA, Dahlgren,VA or, Colonial Beach Crawlspace. Encapsulation is necessary. Mold destroys organic building materials, by absorption. It will actually migrate deep into raw building materials such as, your floor joist system. If this continues over a long period of time. It may be impossible, to remove the mold that's deep into the floor joists. HEPA vacuuming, HEPA sanding, and mold cleaning will only remove so much. making a fungicidal coating necessary.  Fiberglass insulation will also grow mold. It is typically on the back side, on the paper, or it can grow on the fiberglass, if the Crawlspace is in poor shape, damp, and missing a vapor barrier.  Dirt and debris will contaminate the fiberglass over time, allowing mold to colonize and grow on that. If you have HVAC duct lines running through your crawlspace, that will likely need to be cleaned and sanitized also.  This will remove any mold that has entered the duct line and contaminated your indoor air quality. Crawlspace mold encapsulation service, can greatly increase the indoor air quality, the value of your home, and help protect against dampness and future mold growth.

If you need a Free Crawlspace Encapsulation Inspection & Cost of Mold Remediation - Quote. Don't wait! Call Virginia Restoration Experts today at 540-735-4681