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Some of our Mold Removal Jobs

Question #1: What is the difference between Mold and Mildew?

Answer:   Molds thrive and live, on organic matter, such as, paper, cloth, leather, and wood. Molds will absorb the material they are on, and can cause serious damage, to a home or business.  Mildew is a surface fungi, that is usually pink, white, or gray in color,  often found on top of a flat surface, such as, Shower walls, caulking, and window sills.

Question #2: What is the difference between a mold remediation and mold removal?

Answer:    There is no difference between "Mold Remediation", "Mold Removal", or "Mold Abatement."  For all intents and purposes they are all the same.

Question #3:  How much does a Mold Remediation cost?

Answer: -  That is impossible to know without looking at the contaminated area.  There are many variables when it comes to Mold Remediation.  The size of the contaminated area, The types of building materials involved, What caused the Mold contamination, (For example, If a sewage leak has caused the mold, it will also need too be repaired, cleaned up, and dried out.) There are other factors involved, such as, how much equipment it will take, Dry-Out time, accessibility to the area, Demo of the contaminated area, and disposal of contaminated building materials. Most reputable, mold remediation companies will have a minimum charge. Typically between $500 - $1,000 for minimal jobs.

Question #4:  Can I do my own Mold Remediation?

Answer: -  We do not recommend it unless the area is very small. (less than 10sqft total area)  Even then, depending on what is involved and where the mold is located. It can be a serious health hazard for people around you and can contaminate other areas, of the home or business.  If it's in a business. I wouldn't risk the legal consequence of making somebody sick.  However, If it's small and you think you can handle it.  The CDC and EPA offer guidelines for doing your own mold remediation.  Anything over 10sqft. Forget it. You will need commercial grade HEPA Vacuums, Air Scrubbers, and proper mold containment practices.  Hire a mold remediation company, like Virginia Restoration Experts at 540-735-4681. 

Question #5:   Can I be in my home during a mold remediation?

Answer -  Most of the time, Yes. There are exceptions to the rule.  For example, if there are immunocompromised  people living there, we suggest that they vacate the home until the mold has been remediated and a clearance test, has been done. A reputable mold removal company will thoroughly go over this, before any mold remediation begins.

Question #6:   Do I need a mold test?

Answer - Well, that depends. If you have earthy and musty odors and allergy symptoms, or you feel sick when you are in the home, but you see no signs of mold. Then yes. You should have mold testing done.  If you can see the mold and you know it's there, then no. All a test will do is confirm what you already know. That you have mold. Again, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, If it's a place of business, or a rental property, then you may need to have it done for liability issues.

Question #7:   What is involved in a professional mold remediation 

Answer -  The first thing is locating the source of moisture intrusion and repairing it.  If this is not done. We can go ahead and guarantee the mold will return.  Once this has been completed the mold remediation can begin. The process will include, containment barriers and dust chambers being installed. Proper PPE practices, Demo of the effected area, HEPA vacuuming, sanitizing, and wipe down of the areas, HEPA vacuuming AGAIN!, Filtering the air with Air Scrubbers, or Negative Air Machines, Treating the area with an EPA registered fungicide and antimicrobial. and sealing or encapsulating the area, with a mold resistant coating. There are other things, such as cleaning and sanitizing the HVAC system, and Pre, and Post clearance testing, but, that's it in a nutshell.

Question #8:   Is there a guarantee after the mold remediation has been completed?

Answer -  Yes.  Most certified mold remediation companies like Virginia Restoration Experts in Fredericksburg, Va, will offer a minimum, of a 1 year guarantee. Depending on your specific mold remediation requirements. The guarantee can be up to 10 years. As long as the source of moisture intrusion has been corrected.  Mold occurs naturally. It happens when building materials become wet for extended periods of time. There isn't a mold remediation company, on this planet, that will guarantee mold wont happen, if the source of mold growth hasn't been corrected.

Question #9:   Can I hire a general contractor or Handyman service for mold remediation?

Answer -  We don't recommend it at all.  Anything over 10sqft of effected area will require mold remediation equipment and containment practices to safely remove mold.  General contractors and Handyman services may be cheaper, but cross contamination will certainly happen if the company isn't highly trained, or certified in mold remediation, like Virginia Restoration Experts in Fredericksburg, Va.

Question #10:    How do you dispose of mold contaminated materials?

Answer -  As of today. There are no guidelines for disposal, of mold contaminated materials. They are typically put in a dumpster and disposed of.  However, when removing contaminated moldy items from your home or business. It is important to "goose neck" and seal the bags. The bags should also be wiped down with an antimicrobial, before removing them from the work area.

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  Virginia Restoration Experts provides safe and fast, black mold removal, in Fredericksburg , and Aquia, Va. We are prepared for any type of mold contamination, especially, black mold.  Our mold remediation team has the experience, training, and knowledge to safely handle any black mold infestation. Weather it's your home, business, car, truck, or RV. Virginia Restoration Experts stands ready for any mold inspection, or, mold remediation service you might need.

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