Mold Remediation is a job that's best left for highly trained and certified mold remediation professionals Mold can quickly grow on building materials and cause the indoor air quality, of a home or business, to become contaminated. Hiring a company that is not trained, in proper mold remediation and containment procedures, can cause serious problems. Mold spores are invisible and there are approximately 1,000,000 mold spores, in one square inch, of contaminated area. If not properly treated and remediated, these mold spores can quickly contaminate other areas of your Fredericksburg, Va home or business. Virginia Restoration Experts in Fredericksburg, Va has the experience, knowledge, and training, to complete any mold remediation, or mold remediation service, that's needed.

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  Mold has been around since the beginning of time. Mold spores occur naturally and it happens both indoors and outside. Every home and business will have mold spores in them. There are hundreds of types, of mold. There are good molds and bad molds. Penicillin is an example of "good" mold. It is an antibiotic produced from the genus Penicillum. It is used in medicine. Yest is another example of "good" molds. It is from the genus Saccharomyces and is used in the making of breads. Mushrooms are in the Fungi category and are used as edible foods.  There are also examples of "bad" molds. Alternaria is a "bad" mold that can cause allergy symptoms and infections. It grows on wet building materials. Aureobasidium is usually pink or black and is the type you find in bathrooms, or on the caulking around your bathtub. This is also considered a "bad" mold. Botrytis is a type of mold that causes allergies and asthma. It is found on plants and is very common in greenhouses.

  Mold needs three things to grow.  Just like humans. Mold needs air, food, and water.  Water is the most critical of these. Stopping mold from growing into mold colonies, inside your Fredericksburg, Va home or business, will require the removal it's water source. We can not take away it's oxygen or food source (building materials.)  We can only keep these thing dry. That's why it's critical to stop the moisture intrusion. If mold doesn't have a moisture source. It is impossible for it to grow. 

  Mold can cause severe allergy symptoms and serious health issues. If you think you are being exposed to mold.  Call Virginia Restoration Experts at 540-735-4681 Today.

Have an earthy and musty odor?

Had a previous water damage that wasn't professionally mitigated?

Have a leaky plumbing fixture?

Have condensation on windows or pipes?

Have high (RH) relative humidity problems?

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  ​There are two types of mold contamination. Minor and major. Minor mold contamination is caused by a "clean" water source. (from a sink or clean water supply) and is less than 10sqft total. Typically, any responsible person can clean up minor mold contamination. However, drywall, flooring, and other building materials, may need too be removed. If this is something you're not comfortable with. You should leave it to a reputable, mold remediation company.

   Major mold contamination is caused by "grey or black" water sources, such as washing machines, sewage overflows, or building materials that have had prolonged moisture exposures, or, is 10sqft or larger. In both cases, PPE or personal protective equipment must be used to limit exposure to mold. 

   Professional grade HEPA Vacuums, Air Scrubbers, Negative Air Machines, Dehumidifiers and Air Movers are typically required for professional mold remediations. Proper containment practice is always required.

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If you said yes to any of these questions, then yes, it is possible you have a mold contamination issue. Mold thrives off of moisture intrusion. Prolonged moisture exposure of building materials is the ideal breeding ground for mold colonies too grow. Once things like drywall, wood, carpet, and insulation become saturated. Mold growth can occur in 48-72 hours. Musty and earthy odors are a dead give away.  If you suspect that you have a mold contamination issue and need mold remediation service at your Fredericksburg, Va home or business.Don't wait! Call us today at 540-735-4681

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  So you have a black mold and need a mold remediation of your Fredericksburg, Va home, business, or car. This can be scary, both for health and financial reasons.  How much does a black mold remediation cost? We get this question quite often. The answer is always difficult, because of the many variables, in mold remediation or, black mold removal. Most reputable black mold remediation companies, in Fredericksburg, Va, have a minimum charge for mold remediation. Typically, in the area of $500 - $1,000. Mold remediation contractors are highly trained and the equipment, filters, insurance, licenses,and certifications are costly. So, a minimum charge for reputable mold remediation companies would cover things such as, mold remediation of small and mid-sized vehicle, or, a small black mold contamination under a bathroom sink. Again, there are many variables in mold remediation. So this is just a guideline not a "set in stone" guarantee.

  Virginia Restoration Experts has been in business doing mold remediation, in the Fredericksburg, Va area, for over a decade. We have done mold remediation jobs that range, from $500 - $40,000 and that's just for the mold remediation and doesn't include any reconstruction costs. The $40,000 price is not common, and we strongly suggest getting a 2nd opinion, on any mold remediation job over $1,000.

  The typical mold remediation cost for a residential home that has one affected area, is usually between $1,500 - $ 3,500

for the mold remediation only.  However, crawlspaces and attics are usually higher than that. We get calls from people that are either buying, or selling their home. The home inspector usually finds the mold, in the crawlspace, snaps a picture, and tells them to call a certified mold remediation company, such as, Virginia Restoration Experts. Normally if mold has been found in the crawlspace. It has usually been going on for a long time. The mold contamination is normally on the floor joists and the paper (back side), of the insulation, throughout, the entire crawlspace.  It can also be on the foundation walls. A mold remediation job such as this, will require, removal of the insulation and vapor barrier (if there is one.) HEPA vacuuming and HEPA sanding, the crawlspace, cleaning and wiping down, of the floor joists, pipes, duct lines, (etc). It will also include an antimicrobial treatment and sealing the floor joist system, with a fungicidal coating, removing debris and correctly installing a new vapor barrier, then re-insulating the crawlspace. This process is extremely labor intensive and takes several days to complete. Thus, the price will reflect that. A "turn key" crawlspace mold remediation,of the entire crawlspace, by a qualified mold remediation company, in Fredericksburg, Va, will cost anywhere between $4,500 - $12,000 depending on the square footage of the job. Attics can be even higher than that, because a tall attic will have much more square footage and its extremely difficult moving safely in one.


  Reputable mold remediation companies will also charge a fee for providing an mold inspection. Usually, if you decide too move forward with the mold remediation. It will be refunded to you. . A certified mold remediation professional will need to make a site visit, gather measurements, record moisture, temperature, and humidity readings, take photos, and write a detailed mold remediation protocol for your situation and supply a quote. This takes 2- 4 hours normally. So you can see why there is a small fee attached to the mold inspection. Again, the fee is normally returned as long, as you use their mold remediation services. There is usually no charge for a mold inspection, of a vehicle.

  Be extremely skeptical of low quotes. The Fredericksburg, Va area has no shortage of contractors, that think they can do mold remediation without proper training and equipment. We have had to do a "2nd mold remediation" behind amateurs many times. We have a saying. "If you think mold remediation is expensive...wait until you have to do it a second time."  

  If you need a quote for mold remediation and an accurate breakdown, of mold remediation cost.

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